Au Naturel

Let me start off by saying that I let waaaaaay too much time pass between my last post and now. I have been so busy but I know that is not an excuse. I am trying to get this balancing act down, but I am human and sometimes I get off track. I will promise [...]

It all started with COCONUTS!

It is Tuesday evening and I am relaxing with my furry children enjoying the cool breeze outside. It is a great day to be alive. I think we forget to be thankful and appreciative for just being able to wake up and smell the air, see the sky, to just be alive. We take a [...]

The GOOD Stuff!!

Last night I was home and it occurred to me that I haven't baked in a very long time. So I figured I would put my apron on and surprise my husband. I was debating between brownies and blueberry banana bread. Of course I could not decide so I went with both! 🙂 As much [...]