Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mom meant something so different before I had children. I always remember what my mom used to say, “you will understand when you are a mom” and she is so right. I GET IT NOW! I totally get where she was coming from all of those years when she would be worried about me or constantly checking in or just wanted a hug or to talk. I have always been super close with my mom and we have always had a great relationship but there were many times when I thought she was being over bearing or just plain doing too much and let me tell you how bad I feel. I am so sorry mom, for not understanding the weight of being a mom has on your heart.

When you become a mom you feel different, you live different, everything about your life changes. People that are parents know this, but to actually feel it and experience it is something that cannot be described. The amount of worry and genuine unconditional love a mom has for their child/children is such a beautiful thing but it makes it so hard because it becomes a one sided relationship for many years because the child simply cannot comprehend that kind of love until they are parents themselves. It has taken me so many years to come to this realization and it only makes me want to be kinder and more understanding with all the mamas around me and that I meet.

To all my moms out there.. I feel you girl… you are not alone! Please be kind to yourselves, take a few moments out of everyday to clear your mind and regroup even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes! I know I need to do better at taking my own advice but I am really trying. So this week is just a short and sweet message! Hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day and please let your significant others in on the news that everyday is Mother’s Day! ☺️

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Absolutely love this post mama! Yes yes yes to the idea that “Every day is Mother’s Day!” I can definitely relate to not appreciating my own mother fully until I was a mom, it’s like “Now I get it!” Thank you for this great read!


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