Mindful Skin Routine

I have been wanting to make this blog post for a while but with an ever changing skin routine it was hard to do. After many failed products and trial and error I can finally say that I have a routine that I love and totally works for my skin. I will say that completely changing your food is difficult but completely changing your beauty products that you once loved is an entirely different animal.

I don’t think I ever realized how many chemicals were inside of the conventional products you find at your regular drugstore, beauty salon or even Target. I was blown away! Luckily because so many consumers have become privy to the standards for all things beauty or lack there of we have many more “natural” options.

The products I am currently using have been a part of my routine for about 6 months so I can confidently say they really do work. I feel like these products have proven themselves more so because they were used during pregnancy and post baby and with all the changes your skin goes though its very nice knowing I can count on all of these products through thick and thin.

One thing I want to mention before I get into all the products is that although switching to natural chemical free products has been a huge help in maintaining healthy skin, the game changer was… wait for it… DIET! It still baffles me that western medicine does not associate diet with disease or even something as simple as skin but trust me it makes a HUGE difference. What you put in your mouth directly effects your skin and the way it looks. This will be different for everyone but for me it was keeping myself hydrated (consistently), and the big one, avoiding dairy at all costs. I will save the details for another post and get right into my fave products.

Deodorant is that one product that has taken me the longest to find in terms of natural products. When I say I have tried all natural deodorants, I mean I have tried everything under the sun. Unfortunately a lot of them worked but they contained baking soda which lead to my skin burning off after about 2 to 3 weeks of use. So after I realized that I was too sensitive to use anything with baking soda, I was now on the hunt again. Eliminating baking soda from my search made that list of natural aluminum free deodorant a lot smaller. When I cam across Kopari I was leery because I had wasted so much money already. Initially this deodorant was a godsend, so soft, easy to put on and it smelled like a vacation but like I said I still wasn’t sold. After about 3 weeks I realized I was in the clear and let me tell you I was so happy and relieved. This is now a staple item in my list of beauty products.

So Coola is an awesome product in that it acts as both a makeup setting spray and sunscreen, all in a spray. Honestly too good to be true, right?!? Well 70% of the ingredients are organic so its definitely just an all around great product. I use this product daily and it works so well. Still have yet to find something that is comparable.

Out of all the products on my list I have used Biossance squalane and peptide eye gel one the longest. I absolutely love this serum. It has worked wonders for my dark circles and puffiness, especially since I have not slept in the last 2.5 months LOL. This has been my rescue serum. I use this religiously day and night. What makes this better is the fact that it is non toxic, paraben free, fragrance free, phthalate free and mineral oil free. Honestly cannot say enough good things about this little gem.

Clearly I love Biossance, they have such amazing products and this squalane and probiotic gel moisturizer is one of my faves. I have combination oily skin but when I was pregnant I had really dry skin and this gel moisturizer worked great during both phases my skin was in. I use this at night only and after washing my face. Even though it is a gel it goes on like any other face cream I’ve used. You can literally feel it hydrating as soon as you put it on.

I really like the Tatcha products but this Tatcha water cream is the one that has remained on my list of faves for a while now. I use this as my day cream before I put any primer or makeup on. It is smooth, hydrating and has definitely helped with evening out my skin tone. Plus I do have to say I am a sucker for packaging and their packaging is sooo pretty…definitely an added bonus.

Witch hazel has been used for centuries for its skin soothing properties. It is also known to be a great antioxidant and astringent to assist in healing, helping with acne, getting rid of unwanted bacteria to name a few. This super versatile product will be on my list of faves forever because of all the amazing benefits it has. You can find it at most drug stores and also here.

If you are anything like me chapstick is one of the most important items in your makeup bag. Whether or not I wear makeup I will without a doubt wear chapstick. I have one in my car, vanity, night stand and makeup bag. Hurraw makes the best chapstick and is by far the most hydrating for the most amount of time and I feel like that is hard to come by. The ingredients are vegan, organic and made in the US. I love the tint that it has especially on the days when I am wearing little to no makeup, it just adds a touch of color and tastes so good.

This last product I currently am not using but I did use it throughout all of my pregnancy and it worked so well I felt like I needed to mention it in my faves list. I used disappearing act religiously as many times a day that I could remember but for sure at night before I went to bed. A truly all natural product that you could use without any worry about toxic ingredients. Smells like a spa and works so well. I have no stretch marks at all and I have this amazing cream to thank. I met the owner of good common sense and she is so lovely. The company is locally based and a brand that I can put my trust in. All my mommas to be please do yourself a favor and get this now.

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