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Let me start off by saying that I let waaaaaay too much time pass between my last post and now. I have been so busy but I know that is not an excuse. I am trying to get this balancing act down, but I am human and sometimes I get off track. I will promise to be better moving forward! 🙂

I know for some it probably sounds crazy but when I first heard about spring water I was surprisingly on board with it right away. Some of the changes that I have made in my life in terms of being healthy have been difficult and I am still transitioning, but with spring water it just clicked and I knew I needed to make the decision and make this change for my health. I remember I was listening to one of Shawn Stevenson’s podcasts on the way home and he had Daniel Vitalis on his show. Let me just say that Shawn and Daniel have been instrumental in my life style change and if you haven’t heard about them or listened to any of their videos/podcasts, I highly suggest you do so. During this podcast Daniel, went into great detail on why water from a natural spring versus water from a bottle or tap is so much better for your body. Yes I know most people are not immediately able to understand the concept of driving to go get water when you have it right in your home. I get it, but just hear me out. Most of the time when I tell people that I go to get spring water every two weeks (now we actually go once a month) I get really weird looks. A concept that was once common and part of everyday life is now so obscure that I had to remember an elevator speech to explain myself each time I tell someone why I choose to go get water from some far away land :P.

So what happens when you consume water? Basically the water you drink goes into your bloodstream and lymph shortly after it is consumed. We all know that our bodies are made up of more than half our body weight in water, so you can understand how huge of a topic this should be. Blood which contains a lot of water is used for carrying oxygen to the cells in the body. Your lymph is the fluid that is part of the immune system that helps to get rid of illnesses. These are two major functions in the body that are immensely important for your health. Water also does lots of other things for your body but these are the major things your body does with water. I do want to mention that if you have back problems, water is the most important thing and often forgotten. Your body will service all other organs before it sends water to hydrate your discs and spine. If you are not drinking a sufficient amounts of water that can very well be the problem. I am opening a can of worms here because this is a whole other topic within itself but I felt it was important to mention.

Now you are probably thinking “ok that’s cool, I drink tons of water all the time so I am totally fine.” Well unfortunately that is not the case. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I feel like this is important information that can save lives and help people in such a positive way, and if I didn’t share it I would feel like a horrible person.

So why is spring water so good for you? Well there are a lot of reasons why. First off water from a natural spring is alive. It contains all the micro algae and nutrients that the body needs to be healthy. Live spring water delivers oxygen to the cells, balances your body’s pH, fights bacteria and viruses, remineralizes your brain, and improves hormone and liver function. Living water has the capability to do all these amazing things. Another thing to note is that spring water is probably one of the cleanest things that you will ever come into contact with. The water has been filtered (naturally) through the earth and has been prepping itself for thousands of years. The water is stored underneath the bedrock of the earth in these under ground lakes called aquifers, it is pretty amazing. This water has not been exposed to light or any harmful chemicals its clean, pure, living water. Let me give you the example that was given to me. You have a fish tank with dirty water and top of the line food, the fish will only live so long. BUT…. if you have a fish tank with live spring water and mediocre food the fish will live a much longer and healthier life. Water is the most important substance that we put in our bodies. Water is extremely important but yet for most it is secondary. Why is that!?! I mean my theory is that most people are not aware and choose to  go with what they are told without doing the research themselves. I should know I was definitely one of those people.

Now that we covered why natural spring water is so good for you I am going to explain why bottled and tap water are not the way to go and the harmful effects they have on your body. Lets start with tap water! Wow where do I begin? It still makes me angry to think about what millions of Americans are consuming every day. Tap water is filled with many toxins, Fluoride being one of the most harmful. I think people have become desensitized to this word because we associate this with having healthy teeth. Many do not know how harmful fluoride is for the body but most importantly the brain. Fluoride in large amounts (which counting the tap water and your toothpaste you are already over the amount of fluoride you should consume daily) is detrimental to the body/brain and can even result in death. Fluoride calcifies the pineal glad, which is what usually happens as you age. Fluoride just helps this happen much quicker than nature intended.  The pineal gland,  also known as the “seat of the soul” or the “third eye,”  is used for many things such as hormone production, metabolism, sexual development and is also responsible for the more intuitive part of the body that allows you to question things in a more in depth manner.  Now if fluoride is calcifying this important gland where does that leave all of us? Well you got it, it is creating passivity in the masses as well as affecting our important hormone production, one of them being melatonin. People are no longer questioning the things around them, it means that an intuitive mind that was once functioning properly, no longer exists in a lot of people. It is honestly a very scary thing to think about. Another thing that I found very interesting, is the fact that Hitler used fluoride in the concentration camps to do exactly what it is currently being done to most US citizens. I know that is a lot to take in but wait there is more!! There are also over 50 pharmaceuticals found in tap water. So all of you who are opposed to taking medicine, you are not really avoiding it if you are drinking tap water.

Lets talk about bottled water. Basically water from a bottle is dead and lifeless. It does not provide the micro algae and probiotics and other nutrients that natural spring water provides. If the water you are drinking is turning into your blood and lymph just 30 minutes after consumption I would want the best possible water imaginable, I don’t know about you. Lets also remember that many bottled water companies are now adding fluoride to their water too. So bottled water does not mean you are safe from that toxicity.

Ok that was a lot of information and there is still a ton more, but I am going to stop here. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I would be happy to answer.

Until next time beautiful people! x0x0

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  1. I need to know where this natural spring water is at. After reading your blog I don’t want to drink tap water or bottled waters anymore! I guess I’ll stick to my Starbucks coffee!!!

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